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We provide a shake up and SHIFT in relocation

Relocation can be an effective tool in helping you recruit and retain talent in your business.  Shift enables your business to offer relocation services without requiring you to have a formal relocation program.

Whether your company is transferring an associate across town, the country, or the world, or paying for all, part or none of the move . . . we are your source. Not only does Shift handle the sale and purchase of homes,* we go above and beyond to make your transition seamless.

Not in Denver?   S H I F T has a worldwide network of well-qualified relocation partners to ensure you get the top-notch service you expect.

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Who is SHIFT?

S H I F T is the brainchild of Jaime Danforth, a Denver based real estate broker with a broad knowledge of the industry, international travel, and relocations. In developing the program, she wanted to surround herself with professionals who provide the same excellent service and were like-minded in caring for clients.

*Shift does not provide corporate buyouts of real estate


SHIFT gives back!

As an expression of our company’s values, SHIFT contributes a percentage of our proceeds to causes that will improve the lives of those who are in need.

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Position:Owner – Employing Broker

About Me

Are you wondering how you’re going to find just the right neighborhood for your newest associate? This was just one of the many aspects Jaime was focused on when she founded Shift Relo.

Jaime has created and executed several small businesses prior to becoming a real estate broker in Colorado. In addition to her work with top worldwide presenters, she enjoys music, dancing, fly fishing and travel. Her wide range of personal and business experience make her especially skilled at providing a great relocation experience for you and your associates. Please contact Shift Relo to help your transferees shift gears without the stress of a typical relocation.